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Connecting Lives
About STRATA Networks

STRATA Networks was founded in 1948 with the mission of delivering telephone service to the rural areas of the Uintah Basin not able to get it otherwise. Today we are much more than a telephone company; we are now your telecommunication solution, offering nationwide wireless coverage, the fastest broadband internet in the Basin, advanced Cable TV, and home telephone service.

Helping people connect with each other has always been our major focus. The company has taken steps, building layer upon layer, forming a rock solid foundation of the latest technology. It all started in 1948 when two farmers stood in a field wondering why residents in outlying areas were told they could not receive telephone service. One of the farmers, E. Floyd Ross, believed that anything was possible and took action, organizing a Board, consisting of eight ranchers and farmers, each representing a portion of the Uintah Basin. With the Board formed, the men founded a cooperative that was intended to fill the void left by for-profit companies who chose not to serve rural customers. By 1953, the company's coverage extended more than 100 miles with over 750 customers.

Over the years, as technology has advanced, the company has grown. Headquartered in Roosevelt, Utah, STRATA has become the leading telecommunications provider in the Uintah Basin, now serving over 60,000 customers. Their coverage area has also extended into a tri-state region, including parts of Wyoming & Colorado.

The cooperative continues to focus and build upon their heritage, delivering services to a diverse customer base within the Uintah Basin and beyond. We are moving forward, adding layer upon layer, strengthening and building upon the cooperative's original foundation.

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