We are a cooperative

We are proud to be a local cooperative. A cooperative is a business owned and democratically controlled by the people who use its services and whose benefits are derived and distributed equitably on the basis of use. The user-owners of the STRATA Networks cooperative are called member/patrons. They benefit from the cooperative in proportion to the use they make of it. First, services that may not otherwise be available are offered to cooperative members and those who live in their area, or district as the STRATA Networks co-op areas are called. Second, earnings are allocated to members based on the amount of business they do with the cooperative.

In many ways, cooperatives resemble other businesses. They have similar physical facilities, perform similar functions and must follow sound business practices. They are usually incorporated under state law by filing articles of incorporation, granting them the right to do business. The organizers draw up bylaws and other necessary legal papers. Members elect a board of directors and the board sets up policy and hires a manager to run the day-to-day operations.Members unite in a cooperative to get services otherwise not available, as has been the case with the STRATA Networks cooperative. Members also benefit by sharing the earnings on business conducted on a cooperative basis.

STRATA Networks cooperative member/patrons enjoy a yearly patronage check that is paid out when the cooperative generates margins from efficient operations.

The STRATA Networks cooperative is divided up into ten different districts; Altamont, Duchesne, Flattop, Fruitland, Lapoint, Neola, Randlett, Roosevelt, Tabiona, and Vernal. Each district has a director to represent the area on the board of directors.

Cooperative Membership

STRATA Networks offers memberships to anyone within our service area regardless of race, religion, gender or political beliefs. Today your membership is automatic and free when you subscribe to landline service. When STRATA was formed in 1953, original members made significant, actual investments into the co-op. Even though membership no longer requires an investment, we are still working for you and in turn, you receive investor benefits. When STRATA makes a profit, the money is returned to our members through capital credits.

Capital Credits

As a cooperative member, you are allocated capital credits based on your patronage. This allocation is a percentage of our annual earnings over and above expenses.

What are capital credits?

As nonprofit organizations, cooperatives seek to provide their patrons with the highest quality service at the lowest rates. At the end of the fiscal year, the cooperative allocated a percentage of the margins to each patron on a pro-rated basis according to the total amount paid or produced for telephone services. Upon approval of the Board of Directors, these allocations are refunded to cooperative patrons.

If I move out of the STRATA Networks Cooperative Area, will I still get my capital credits?

When you disconnect service, we will ask you for a new home of record. Your capital credits will be sent to the address you give us. These capital credits will be distributed at the discretion of the STRATA Networks board based on the financial condition of the cooperative.

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