Employees of select companies can receive up to a

20% discount

off wireless services.
The discount that your employer qualifies for is dependent on the number of corporate phones that are using STRATA’s wireless service, along with the number of personal phones being used by the business’s employees & their family members. The more people who use STRATA, the more savings you get.
Number of STRATA phones in use*Discount Applied
10-100 10%
101-300 15%
301+ 20%
*Includes corporate phones & personal phones used by employees and family
Qualifying Businesses
Below is a list of the businesses who currently qualify for the corporate discount program
Allred's Landscaping 10%
Altamont Energy 10%
Aum-Anadarko 15%
Bainbridge Uintah Llc 10%
Baker Huges Upstream Chemicals 10%
Basin Swabbing & Well Service 10%
Basin Wholesale West 10%
Berry Petroleum 15%
C&H Distributing 10%
C&J Energy Services 10%
Cambell Plumbing 10%
Central Mountain Hot Oil 10%
Charles Hosten 10%
Crescent Point Energy U.S. Corp 15%
Crozier Oilfield Services 10%
D & M Oilfield 10%
Delsco Northwest/Savage 10%
Department of Natural Resources: Division of Wildlife 10%
Direct Field Services 10%
Duchesne County 15%
Duchesne County School District 20%
E&B Oilfield Services 10%
Eog 10%
Ep Energy 10%
Finley Resources 10%
Foreland Transportation 10%
GS Electric 10%
Goff Trucking 10%
Integrated Water (Peak Well Srvc) 10%
Jim Nebeker Trucking 10%
Kb Insulation 10%
Kerr - Mcgee 10%
Kinder Morgan - Mid Stream 10%
L&L Motors 10%
Matt Betts Trucking 10%
Moon Lake Electric 15%
Mountain West Propane, Inc 10%
Nasco Swabbing 10%
Newfield Exploration 15%
Northeastern Counseling 10%
Peak Well Service 10%
Q C Testing 10%
Qep 10%
Questar 10%
R&R Oilfield Services 10%
R&R Propane 10%
Rt Oilfield 10%
Roosevelt City Corp 10%
S5 Services 10%
Showalter 10%
Simplot Phosphates Llc 15%
Staker Parson Companies 10%
Uels 10%
Uintah Basin Medical Center 15%
Uintah County 15%
Uintah County School District 15%
Uintah Machine 10%
Unlimited Construction 10%
Vernal City 10%
Weatherford International 10%
Westrock 10%
*These discounts are determined by the number of corporate and personal phones associated with each business and are subject to change depending on that number. The discounts shown may fluctuate from day to day as phones are activated or deactivated.

Some businesses not included in this list qualify for corporate discounts if the minimum line requirement is met. If you have questions about the corporate discount program or are interested in your business participating in the program, please contact us at (435) 622‑5007.

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